Little Big Planet

little big planet

Little Big Planet 2: Special Edition. 2011. Playstation 3, Sony Entertainment.


Sackboy, the main character pictured above, is back for an all new adventure in Little Big Planet 2. There are more costumes to dress your sackboy in, more puzzles to solve, more tools to design your own levels and more opportunities for creative online play than ever before. LBP2 is a visually stimulating wonderland where the opportunities never cease. You can play the game conventionally, straight through, using your SackBoy to save the world from the various enemies you face, or you can play online with other players to achieve goals and unlock worlds that you can’t manage alone. The game is completely customizable, you can actually design and build new levels and worlds for players all over the world to enjoy. Needless to say the only limitation is your imagination. That’s the best thing about this game, it’s not particularly violent or gory, it’s really nice to look at and it involves more than staying numbly at the television for hours, you actually get to use your brain– though it’s by no means required 

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This is a game everyone will enjoy.

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