Tithe (The Modern Tales Of Faerie, #1)

Black, H. (2002). Tithe. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books. Kindle.

This book is part of a series, all three titles are included in the collection.

Reader’s Annotation

Kaye and her mom have been on the road a long time. When fate takes a turn for the worst and sends them back to their New Jersey roots, Kaye doesn’t spend anytime looking for her childhood friends, the faeries she whiled away the hours with before she and her mom left. That is until she runs into another faery and begins to realize everything she thought she made up as as child is true, and that knowledge just may cost her her life.

Plot Summary

Critical Evaluation

Tithe is gritty fantasy novel that takes place within the back drop of the working-class, ironed-imbued, run-down New Jersey streets. Holly Black writes poor real good, anyone who grew up with parents who never coud quite make ends meet will recognize the world that she has created. The beautiful thing about the world that Holly has created is that despite the alcohol abuse and absentee parents there is still magic around every corner.

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