Empire Records

empire records

Empire Records. Dir. Allan Moyle. Perf. Anthony LaPaglia, Liv Tyler, Renee Zegweller. Warner Brothers, 1995.

Reader’s Annotation

Life is changing for everyone at Empire Records. The independent music store is about to be sold a to a chain, and the employees are each embroiled in their own (and each others!) personal troubles. In this hilarious and heart felt story you’ll find out what happens when six young people set out to “damn the man and save the empire!”

Plot Summary

When Lucas is employed with closing the record store for the first time he run across some paperwork on his bosses desk that suggests that the beloved indie record store will soon be turned into a corporate franchise known as Music Town. In a desperate attempt to save Empire Records Lucas takes the daily deposit to Atlantic City where he lays it all on the craps table and shoots snake eyes.

The next day while the rest of the crew is preparing for Rex Manning Day, a middle aged rocker who recently released a new hit single that he’ll be signing copies of all afternoon, boss Joe is trying to figure out how to explain to store owner Mitchell Beck that Lucas gambled away the deposit.

Meanwhile employee AJ spends the day gathering up the courage to tell Corey (played by an adorably young Liv Tyler) that he’s in love with her. Corey on the other hand is trying to figure out how to seduce Rex Manning and Corey’s best friend and fellow cashier Gina lashes out at Corey in a fit of jealousy and that sends Corey into hysterics.

The movie is packed with criss-crossing story lines, with too many subplots to go into futher depth here. What remains most important to the team at Empire Records is that they save Lucas from whatever trouble he’s gotten himself into, Joe from himself and the record store from closing down.


High School, College

Curriculum Ties


Reading Level/Interest Age 


Challenge Issues

Empire Records is rated PG-13. The movie touches on sensitive topics like drug abuse, self harm, and suicide. We suggest that users exercise caution when consuming material they might find objectionable. This library supports the ALA Library Bill of Rights and defends our users right to privacy.

Reason for inclusion

This is a fun movie that should prove amusing to young men and young women.

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