Sid Meier’s Civilization V



A classic strategy game, Civ V allows users to play as leaders from throughout histroy: from Cleopatra to Chairman Moa. Each leader has different specialties, allowing your culture to develop with some advantages and disadvantages against other cultures. The game can be won in several ways, you can beat your opponents to outer space, nuclear arms, as well as using cultural influence to take over their territories and of course, good old fashioned war. Manage the intricacies of each of your cities, or leave it to the experts, it’s your choice! This game is great for any user who enjoys strategy and a challenge!


Video Game, Strategy

Curriculum Ties


Reading Level/Interest Age 


Challenge Issues

This game has some violence, but is largely tame. Still users may be offended by some of the historical discussions within the game. We always urge users to choose items that are right for them. Users may request that items be reconsidered, but the board reserves the right to make a final decision after review. The library supports the ALA Bill of Rights and thus discourages censorship.

Reason for Inclusion

This game will appeal equally to young men and young women. It is fun, has varying degrees of difficulty, and has endless opportunity for play. 


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