Mad Magazine


DC Entertainment (2012). Mad Magazine. Retrieved from:


MAD magazine is a humor magazine published by DC Entertainment, a company probably best known for it’s comic books. MAD magazine runs comics, tv and movie spoofs, and specializes in satirical humor on public figures, pop culture, life and politics.

Critical Evaluation

I really don’t have much of an opinion of MAD. The mascot, Alfred E. Nueman, has always kind of given me the creeps and I never really got into it as a kid. It’s another one of those situations wherein I know that it is supposed to be funny but I don’t find it particularly amusing. There’s a ;ot of toilet humor, red neck jokes and other kinds of comedy that don’t really appeal to me. That’s okay though, this collection is supposed to be more about the needs of my users and less about my favorite forms of media.



Curriculum Ties


Reading Level/Interest Age 


Challenge Issues

Like I mentioned above MAD uses a lot of toilet humor an bawdy language. Some parents will probably find it offensive. As with all of our titles we encourage each user to choose the medium and mode that is best for him or her. We follow the ALA Library Bill of Rights and defend censorship at all costs. All reconsideration requests are taken very seriously and the library reserves the right to make a final judgement after board review.

Reason for Inclusion

This a popular item at the library where I work. I included it to help the collection be more attractive to young men.

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