Science in Context

Gale, (2012). Science in Context. Ontario: Canada. Retrieved from:


Another of the In Context databases, Science in Context has been designed specifically for the needs of young academics. SIC content is derived from reference sources such as: Gale Encyclopedia of ScienceChemical ElementsScience in Dispute and the Macmillan Science Library. Additionally the database contains over 22,000 topic overviews, 7,000 biographies, 1.5 million periodical articles, 16,000 images and videos, over 170 detailed experiments, 8,100 biographies, and two dictionaries.

Much like the other Gale databases in the collection SIC is easy to navigate. You can search by keyword or topic, narrow results by year, search by person (by or about), narrow results by peer reviewed and full text, publication date, document type and so on. Gale databases are easy to learn and operate and ideal for students who may not have the time or inclination to spend several hours learning how to navigate several different kinds of databases.

Curriculum Ties

Science, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, etc.

Reading Level/Interest Age 


Reason for inclusion

Academic database for science based research.

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