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World Book Inc, (2011). World Book Student. Chicago, Illinois. Retrieved from:


World Book has been publishing encyclopedias and reference materials for over 90 years. They boast the most inclusive online content to serve the information needs of young people and educators.

Critical Evaluation

The World Book Student homepage has a lot of information on it. After you login through your library’s website you can do a quick search for the information that you’re looking for with the basic search toolbar. You can also browse content alphabetically or by subject, as well as by way of the dictionary and atlas. The rest of the homepage is divide into topics of high interest. There are popular videos, research tools complete with citation builders, a biography center, quizzes, popular articles and much much more. I prefer to use databases that are less busy, but I think that the display allows young people to quickly access the material that they are looking for.

Curriculum Ties

Grade 9 and 10 reading comprehension curriculum:

2.2 Prepare a bibliography of reference materials for a report using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents.

2.3 Generate relevant questions about readings on issues that can be researched.

2.4 Synthesize the content from several sources or works by a single author dealing with a single issue; paraphrase the ideas and connect them to other sources and related topics to demonstrate comprehension.

Grade 11 and 12 reading comprehension curriculum:

2.1 Analyze both the features and the rhetorical devices of different types of public docu-ments (e.g., policy statements, speeches, debates, platforms) and the way in which authors use those features and devices.

Reading Level/Interest Age 

All ages

Reason for inclusion

Database for scholastic research.

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