New Super Mario Bros. 2



This is a classic Mario game. Players complete levels to advance through worlds and those who are familiar with the Mario cannon will recognize the underground world, water world and all the others that we’ve come to know over the years. Even better is that the raccoon suit is back, so Mario and Luigi can once more take flight to discover hidden worlds. Other specials include the traditional fireflower, the new gold suit, and the giant mushroom. Using your wifi network you can play two player mode and team up to defeat Bowser and rescue the Princess from the next castle. What’s more is that this game boasts a million coins and tracks your coin collection through the whole game. Can you collect them all?


handheld device, side scrolling, mario, raccoon mario, luigi

Curriculum Ties


Reading Level/Interest Age 

All ages

Challenge Issues

This game is pretty silly and fun, there isn’t any gore and honestly can’t think of any reason why a parent would object to their kid playing it, unless they didn’t want their kid to be playing video games at all, in which case they need to talk to their kid about appropriate choices at the library.

Reason for Inclusion

This is a great game anyone could enjoy. I tried to keep the game selections pretty general because I think that the ones specifically marketed to teens can be kind of violent and I didn’t want to have to play any first person shooters (they give me motion sickness).

Note: this is a handheld platform game and thereby less likely to be carried by an actual library. In the make believe world my library takes place in everyone totally has one so no worries.

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