Something About Airplanes

something about airplanes album art

Death Cab for Cutie. (1998). Something about airplanes. Seattle: Barsuk Records.


Something About Airplanes was Death Cab for Cutie’s first studio album, released in 1998. It is quintessential of Pacific Northwest indie-rock, the melodic tunes and perfect harmonies echoing the romantic loneliness so often felt living after nine-months of rain. The album is obviously influenced by other PNW indie-bands such as Built to Spill. The opening track, Bend to Squares, is particularly magnificent, as well as my personal favorite, track three, Champagne from a Paper Cup.


Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard has been a stalwart in the pacific northwest indie music  scene from its early days. He well known not only for Death Cab, but also his side projects The Postal Service, All Time Quarterback, and his first band Pinwheel. The band released 7 full length albums and numerous EPs and singles. Barsuk Records is releasing the band’s entire early discography on 180-gram vinyl in January 2013.


Indie Rock, 90s Slowcore

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A seminal band of the 1990s, no emotional teenager’s musical identity is complete without having heard DCFC at least once.


Cohen, I. (2008). Death cab for cutie: Something about airplanes. Pitchfork. Retrieved from:

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